"Left Wing, Right Wing, Come Together, Solve Immigration."

Communicate Your Support for a Solution to Immigration
by Sharing Immigration Butterfly Art.

Artist's Statement

I am a fourth generation Republican Arizonan. My ancestors came to Navajo County in northeastern Arizona in covered wagons in the 1880's to start a ranch that is still in the family today. Arizona is rich with diversity among Native Americans, Latinos, Caucasians, Asians, and African-Americans. I have always been proud of my Arizona heritage and want to help fix problems to benefit our state and country.

I am saddened that in recent years immigration policy has become a tool of politicians to divide people rather than to solve policy issues for the good of our country. I want to encourage our elected leaders in Congress to step forward, work together, and solve immigration.

Our country's broken immigration policy has resulted in the destruction of the environment and many deaths in the Arizona desert, as well as a lengthy fence blocking the migration and foraging of wildlife. Families are divided. People live in fear in the shadows of our society and are afraid to report crimes. Businesses do not have the tools to determine accurately who is authorized to work in this country, yet are subject to rigid enforcement, adverse media, and disruption to business in difficult economic times. Companies face a patchwork of different and conflicting federal, state and local immigration laws and regulations.

We filed the lawsuit seeking to declare unconstitutional the Arizona Employer Sanctions Immigration Law now before the U.S. Supreme Court (Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, No. 09-115) in part because our country needs a comprehensive, federal, 50-state solution to immigration issues. Arizona and other states enacting their own immigration policies is not an efficient or effective solution, both for small business and companies that operate in multiple states. We need border security, a fast, convenient, accurate and non-discriminatory way for employers to determine who is entitled to work in this country, and a government-approved system that provides a legal process for workers to come into the country and fill vacant positions and that deals responsibly with the foreign workers.