"Left Wing, Right Wing, Come Together, Solve Immigration."

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Left Wing, Right Wing
Come Together, Solve Immigration

Immigration Butterfly Art by Julie A. Pace,
Employment, OSHA, and Litigation Attorney

Everyone agrees that our country's immigration system is broken. Differences of opinion on immigration have been used to divide the country and increase conflict. We need leadership to bring us together and solve immigration. Employment and litigation attorney Julie A. Pace has created an original work of art to unify efforts and to symbolize that bringing the diverse elements of our country together can achieve a beautiful, soaring, sustainable result. The diverse elements cannot live and fly on their own and need to be unified to be successful.

About the Butterfly Art

Artist Julie Pace wanted to create a symbolic message that is positive, optimistic, and could encourage others and our leaders to create an immigration solution for our country. The butterfly art is being delivered to each Congressional Office. Julie created this art from photographs of butterfly wings that she had taken. She manipulated the photos of wings to create the left and right butterfly wings coming together to form a vibrant, unified, sustainable butterfly that, by joining its different parts, flies into the light of the bright future. She added background hues of red, white and blue and subtle donkey and elephant motifs on the left and right butterfly wings.


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Acknowledgments about Butterfly Art

Original Butterfly Photos, Design and Concept by Julie Pace
White Sands Photo by Wilson Wyatt
Technical Assistance by Art Professor Ted Wolter